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To evaluate a used property the following informations are needed: Kind of Property, its state, its área and the market rate.

Criteriar for evalutation

The factors that generally influence the value are:

  • Localization (ground, view, position of fhe sun, and accessibility)
  • Land
  • Typology
  • Tye of construction
  • The final touch and equipment available
  • Date of construction
  • State of maintenance
  • Market ( Demand & Supply )
  • Parking, Swimming -pool, lift, green space

Appraisers of properties

Agencies or specialists, can give you complete answer and valuable help in regard to market.

In this way you can compare with our real estate ( rapidly and freely ).

The finance can give you the value of your proferty and the tax to be paid for it.

Documents necessary for evaluation

  • Plan of the property
  • Property -register book
  • Registration copy
  • Municipality license

Before buying or selling a property try to get the value of it.Contact us we can help you.